5 Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Beard Wash

Aug 19 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

5 Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Beard Wash

Remember when products aimed at beard care were non-existent and one had to rely on regular soap and shampoo to keep beard hair clean? Well, times have changed and while many guys may think beard-based products are useless and unnecessary, we beg to differ. In this blog post, we hope to enlighten you as well as provide you with all the advantages of using a Beard Wash, so you can become convinced that beard wash is essential for a healthy beard.

  1. You need to strip your skin of toxins, not natural oils

That is what a ‘good’ Beard Wash does. Many guys think that Beard Washes are for keeping your beard ‘squeaky’ clean. DON’T aim for that goal, because a product that cleanses your beard in that manner may be bad for your skin especially if it is used for a prolonged period of time.

There are men who substitute regular shampoo for the job but do not realize that hair on the head get dirty much more quickly than those on face and that the hair on your head is different in texture and elasticity that the hair in your beard. This is why it is crucial that a mild, gentle, and moisturizing product be used to ensure your beard’s full and luscious condition!

A rule of thumb is to limit your beard wash usage to twice a week - unless you are a lumberjack or work in construction - in which case your beard may require more washing. Giving your skin breathing space is key to getting better results.

  1. Do not judge a product by its lather

How much lather a Beard Wash produces should absolutely not be a criterion for judging a product because it tells you nothing about it.  Beard washes that are made of natural ingredients usually DO NOT foam, and YET are amazing for the beard.  

  1. Always look for Natural Ingredients

Always use a Beard Wash that has been created from natural ingredients – after all who wants to pour chemicals on his face. Not only do natural ingredients nourish your skin but you will also notice an absence of synthetic fragrances in them – artificially created scents which are pretty harmful for the skin. When buying a Beard Wash, always study the label. There are ingredients that the FDA has identified as skin irritants and despite such a warning, such components are included in most commercial hair and skincare products. Make sure your Beard Wash contains natural ingredients to soothe and calm your skin.

  1. A Beard Wash Should Work For Both the Facial Hair and the Skin

Nobody is a fan of flaky beards and in case you have one, then your beard care routine needs to be altered. All our Gentsscape beard products take care of both the hair and the skin underneath it. Dry skin is indicative of high or low pH levels. Men’s skin is generally more acidic than women’s, therefore men need to double-check the products they use on their skins. If the product is too alkaline, men may run the risk of dry skin, which eventually ends in premature aging.

  1. Hydrating Ingredients are a must

A healthy beard must feel wholesome in both appearance and feel. Get a Beard Wash that is primed for hydrating the skin and one that softens the hair, making you feel magnificent. Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin B-5 and horsetail are example of components that are known for their excellent moisture-balancing properties and quenching dry skin. Fortunately, Gentsscape products use these and other equally effective ingredients in our all-natural range of Beard Washes.

So, the next time you think of growing your facial hair into a gorgeous and healthy beard, INVEST in the right products. Maintaining the natural barrier of the body is INSTRUMENTAL in ensuring the health of your skin and hair – so, do your research and make informed decisions.

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