6 Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

Jul 07 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

6 Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

There is nothing quite like the confidence you get from knowing that you're well-groomed. You feel clean, professional, and mature without having to break the bank. And there's no way to get a closer, cleaner, more confidence-boosting shave than with a straight razor.  Here are some reasons they outmatch the competition.

1. You Get a Close, Smooth Shave

Anyone who shaves with drug store razors that come with those cartridge heads knows that there are parts of your face and neck that the flat, rectangular pack of razors just can't reach. You end up maneuvering your head into such an awkward position that it's difficult to even see where you're trying to shave.  

Instead of five or six blades all packaged together, straight razors have just one blade, meaning they can follow the curves and lines of your face and neck without you having to put your head at a 90-degree angle. Furthermore, they're easier to sharpen and stay sharp longer, so they won't start pulling on your stubble after only one or two shaves.

2. You're Out of the Razor Purchasing Cycle

You go to the store, you buy a new pack of razor heads, and where are you one month later? At the store, buying another pack of razor heads. And razor heads aren't exactly cheap, either.

Straight razors can go 6 to 8 weeks between being sharpened - some say you should only sharpen them once or twice a year. That's sharpening, not even purchasing a whole new blade. Treated right, they can last years. This one from Gentsscape costs under $35. When was the last time you spent only 35 bucks on razors over the course of a few years?

3. They're More Sustainable

When the blades of a razor cartridge get dull, you throw it away and get a new one. When the blade of a straight razor gets dull, you sharpen it.  So, as some people's trash cans fill up with old, rusting razor heads that eventually find their way to a landfill, guys who shave the old fashioned way save the environment a little strife.  

Furthermore, shaving like Sweeney Todd can use less shaving cream, meaning you can replace the three-dollar canister from the drug store with high-quality shaving creams like this one from Gentsscape and still help the environment.

4. You Don't Have to Charge It

Electric razors are a viable alternative to cartridge razors, but they have one major downside - they have to be charged. This means that, if and when it isn't ready to go, you're heading out with a 5 o'clock shadow. This might not be a big deal when you're going to the grocery store, but one a date or to a job interview?  

This is not a problem you run into with a straight razor. You won't ever have to postpone dinner after getting off a plane because you have to wait for your razor to charge in the hotel. Plus, since you only have to sharpen it once every few months, the chances are it will be ready to go right when you need it.  And since 85% of women say men not being well-groomed is a turn-off, having a working razor at the ready is never a bad idea.

5. Reduced Skin Irritation

One of the reasons electric and cartridge razors can cause so much skin irritation is that they have multiple blades all scraping and pulling against your skin at the same time. Razor blades irritate your skin when they don't approach at the right angle, and it's pretty hard to get five blades to come in at just the right angle all at the same time.  

More than that, multiple blades passing over the same patches of skin over and over again can cause even more irritation. Creams and balms like this one from Gentsscape can help reduce skin irritation, but the best way to go about it is to reduce the number of blades going over your skin altogether. One super sharp blade is better than five or six kind-of-sharp ones.

6. It's Just Manly

Say what you will, but there is a kind of special masculinity in using a straight razor. While this might not be the most important thing to consider when you're thinking of switching, it certainly doesn't hurt. They're sharp, sleek, they can have an air of danger about them - the appealing kind of danger, that is. You're staring death in the eye and making him back down every time you go to shave. Seeing yourself in the mirror using an electric razor just doesn't have the same effect.  

Giving It to You Straight

Straight razors are special. They shave closer and cleaner, it costs less money over time, and your skin will thank you - among other things. But, above all of this, they just have a special feeling. If you're looking for resources and supplies for staying clean and groomed that are specifically designed for male skin and hygiene, Gentsscape is the place to go - especially if you're looking for a fancy yet cost-effective razor to set you apart from the pack.