6 Benefits of Using High-Quality Beard Oil

Jun 21 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

6 Benefits of Using High-Quality Beard Oil

Whether you have a precisely trimmed goatee or a thick and full face of hair, maintaining the health of your skin and beard is extremely important. One of the best ways to keep your beard virile and well-groomed is to utilize a high-quality beard oil.

It is never too early or too late to start using an oil in your grooming routine. You can apply this type of product to shaved stubble or a full-length beard hair and still reap great benefits regardless of where you are in your beard journey. Here are a few reasons to start using oil on your facial hair today:

1. Supports Your Skin

The secret to a great beard is maintaining the healthy skin that supports it. Some people fallaciously assume that because a beard covers your skin, it therefore trumps the importance of the skin's health. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Applying oil to your beard will also benefit your skin. Although our skin comes equipped with sebaceous glands that produce oil and wax, when a beard grows, it can wick some of that moisture away from the skin and onto the hair shaft itself. By applying a facial hair oil, you can ensure that your face will stay nourished and moisturized to support optimum beard health.

2. Helps Beards Grow

If you are looking to stimulate beard growth, applying oil will do the trick. For decades men have used oils on their beards to help to speed up hair growth and create a full face of hair. However, not all oils are created with the same quality standards.

The best way to encourage facial hair growth is to find a beard oil composed of essential oils that can effectively energize the length and health of hair. 

3. Creates a Healthy Sheen

If you've ever seen a beard after the oil has been applied, you know the luxurious sheen an oil can create. Every man needs a grooming routine that leaves him feeling confident and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

When a beard becomes dry and brittle, it takes away from the overall appearance of your face. Regular use of oil will protect your beard from damaging UV rays, free radicals, and anything else it is exposed to in your day.

4. Good Aroma

Most beard oils have a good scent that comes from the natural ingredients that compose the oil. The benefits of having a pleasant aroma on your beard do not need to be overstated.

Besides being attractive to others, the scent of a grooming oil can have therapeutic benefits for you as well. The Sweet Almond Oil, for example, has a spicy and invigorating scent that can generate energy as well as create an overall sense of well being and relaxation.

5. Prevents Itchy Beards

By far one of the most common problems in the men's grooming world is the itchy beard phenomenon. As a beard grows, it can dry out the skin, creating unsightly beard dandruff and causing the skin to become inflamed and itchy.

Quality oil will solve this problem by smoothing out the hair shaft to prevent itchy flyaway hairs, and it will maintain the health and nourishment overall of your face. Many men across the globe swear by facial oil as a cure for annoying itchy beards and dandruff.

6. Makes Beards Soft

Have you ever been told by a partner that your beard is sharp or itchy against their face? When you apply an oil to your beard, it will smooth out the hair and eventually make it pillow-soft. Many people also refer to beard oil as a beard softener, and the moniker speaks for itself.

A soft beard can be less itchy for you and your partner alike. As the oil nourishes the hair from the inside out, you will see and feel a difference in your facial hair health. And like a fine wine, using an oil to soften your beard means it only gets better with time.

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