6 Ways to Make Sure You Get a Quality Beard Trimmer

Jun 15 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

6 Ways to Make Sure You Get a Quality Beard Trimmer

When a beard is styled well, it makes people sit up and take notice. When a beard is left to do what it wants, it attracts much the same level of attention, but for entirely different reasons. In fact, studies show that 85% of women see a poor grooming job as a major turn-off! Whether you're sporting a full lumberjack or prefer a close-trimmed goatee, a good beard trimmer should be part of your grooming kit.

1. Don't Make Price the Primary Concern

Believe us, you won't be happy if you do. A good trimmer definitely doesn't have to cost the moon, but if you buy the cheapest one you can find, you're unlikely to be satisfied with the results. Instead, you'll be dealing with cheap plastic that breaks the first time you knock it off the bathroom sink, cheap blades that dull in just a few uses and constantly snag your hair, and a cheap motor that can't stand up to your needs.

A bottom-dollar trimmer won't do a good job on your hair, and it simply won't last. You'll be buying another bottom-dollar trimmer far sooner than you should have to and won't end up saving money in the end.

2. Pay Attention to the Blade

The blade is arguably the single most important feature of your trimmer. Cheap blades aren't sharp because they're not capable of holding a sharp edge. The metal simply isn't strong enough. And since they aren't strong enough to hold a killer edge, you can also be sure they're also not strong enough to hold up to regular use.

Stainless steel or titanium are always good choices, and a self-sharpening blade is a particular plus. Self-sharpening blades mean you won't be buying a bunch of replacements. Another thing to look for in your blade is the shape. You want a beard trimmer that specifies it's been designed to work both the face and the curve of the neck. You need your trimmer to get into some tight places that a normal shaver doesn't reach effectively.

3. Consider a Combination Clipper Shaver

If you get a quality unit, you can save money and hassle by getting a shaver that can do double duty. You don't want one that claims the same head can do everything--it can't. Instead, look for something that can use multiple heads for multiple purposes. Having just one device saves space and means you don't have to learn a different feel and technique with two separate grooming devices, but it needs to have two separate heads, since a trimmer and a shaver are designed for different duties.

4. Think About Your Accessories

The accessories or features of your trimmer could make or break your choice. Thoughtful extras to look for include a no-skid safety design that keeps it from slipping from your hand if things are wet or soapy, a solid waterproof design, and voltage compatibility that will allow you to take it anywhere in the world.

In addition to the heads themselves, you'll want a brush for cleaning and a variety of limiting combs so you can use it for your head as well as your beard if necessary. Other great extras that tell you you're getting a quality item include quiet operation and the ability to adjust the height on the clipper without having to actually change out a piece.

5. Look for Solid Build and Battery Life

The build can be hard to tell if you're not holding the trimmer right in your hands, and since a lot of us are buying things like beard trimmers online these days, you may have to rely on reviews to get a feel for this.

You're looking for reviews that reference how it feels in the hand, and you should notice words like "durable," "solid," "weighty," or "hefty." A light weight in a trimmer isn't usually a plus. Instead, it's typically a sign that the motor and battery are substandard and the casing is cheap plastic.

The battery should be able to give you a good 30 minutes of run time at the least. While you're unlikely to need this much in one sitting, it's helpful if you forget to charge between uses or want to use it for trimming more than your beard.

6. Demand Styling You Can Be Proud of

When that special someone is poking around in your bathroom, you want them to get a good impression from what they see. This is a small point, but it still bears mentioning--you want to be proud of your beard trimmer. It should be a style you can enjoy using, and for most of us, that means one with good lines but an unobtrusive design and a color scheme that communicates manliness.

Your beard trimmer is an important weapon in your personal grooming arsenal. Look for a quality trimmer you can feel proud to use and you'll find yourself using it more often. Then keep up with Gentsscape for more tips on grooming and skincare for men.