Beard Brush vs. Beard Comb

Sep 28 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

Beard Brush vs. Beard Comb

Beard Brush vs. Beard Comb: How to decide which one to buy

A beard that inspires envy requires effort but there are some crucial tools that help in the process. Beard combs and brushes are these tools. Although both serve similar purposes, such as helping remove tangles from beard hair and redistributing natural oils throughout the beard length – there is much more to the use of these two tools. In this article, we not only delve into their functions but also discuss what to consider when buying either of them.

Beard Combs

Combs are one of the most basic essential tools when it comes to beard care; combs help detangle, style, and shape your facial mane. In fact, if you are in a habit of blow-drying your hair after a shower, a comb will help you keep your beard in place during the process of blow-drying your hair. If you choose to air dry the beard, even then a comb is the perfect tool to guide the hair direction. Start with the tips, smoothing the hair with your hands and then gradually move upwards. Combing the beard from the root will most likely end up breaking your hair and that is the last thing you want.

Another function that Beard Combs help with is the cutting and trimming of facial hair. Nothing provides control and accuracy like a sturdy, good-quality Beard Comb that is easy to grip and handle.

If you have a long beard, combs will be most handy. When you are choosing a comb, make sure you take your hair thickness and its nature into consideration. If the hair is long and coarse, then the teeth of the comb should be wider, otherwise, a thin-toothed comb would work well.

The material that the comb is created from should also be considered when choosing a beard comb. Remember, you get what you pay for. So, if you choose a plastic comb, you will get a comb of a substandard quality which will do more harm than good. Metal combs should also be actively AVOIDED. For starters, their teeth are not hair-friendly and will cause hair to break, not to mention that the metal teeth will be harsh on your skin too.

Wood, on the other hand, is one of the safest materials ever! It is sturdy and yet not too inflexible. It is anti-static and will not cause hair to be frizzy.

We also cannot emphasize enough this significance of the cut of the teeth. If they are jagged, the teeth will definitely mess with your hair. Gentsscape happens to have an excellent Wooden Comb which is handcrafted to make sure that that the teeth do not damage the hair and the comb is completely safe to use on short or long beard hair.

Beard Brush

Beard brushes offer a number of advantages. To begin with, all bearded folks should own a beard brush as soon as they start growing a beard, because during the growth process it can be challenging to manage the beard hair and keep it from getting dry. A brush, especially one that is made natural materials, conditions hair with every stroke and distributes the natural oils throughout the beard. When applying an oil or a balm to shape your hair, a brush will also ensure that the product is applied evenly and a brush will remove any excess product. Also, a good quality brush will remove dirt/environmental dust and train your beard follicles to grow in the direction you want. 

Beards are sexy and keeping them from getting dirty while controlling their growth can be difficult but it IS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!!

Now there are a ton of brushes to choose from but we will only focus on our personal favorite: the boar brush. It is made of natural boar hair and is known to reach every part of beard hair. It happens to be super-gentle on the skin also. Another advantage that makes boar brush a winner is its ‘massaging’ quality; It gets the blood circulation moving, allowing for growth of better and stronger hair.

Which one to choose?

BEARD LOVERS: we at Gentsscape recommend that if you have just started growing your beard, a brush will be instrumental in keeping your hair in shape. However, when your beard reaches mid-length or longer, you will have to invest in a comb to keep it from free from tangles and styling it as you desire.