Hot to Rock a Summer Beard

Apr 09 , 2021

The Gentsscape Team

Hot to Rock a Summer Beard

It is that time of the year again: warm temperatures are upon us, and many men are getting ready to shave off their beards. A ritual that stems from the belief that beards are rather uncomfortable and heat will exacerbate the situation. Some men also believe that beards are a pollution and sweat haven - a thought that makes them instinctively reach out for the razor.

While many of these concerns are valid, especially for men who work outdoors and do not want to emit body odor, the good news is that you do not have to go all clean-shaven. Summers are the perfect time to give yourself a fresh cut without having to sacrifice all your facial hair.

There are many advantages of keeping a beard in summers, one of them is the ability for facial hair to protect you from the sun's UV radiation. This does not mean you skip sunscreen, but the added protection is something we are sure you will appreciate.

If keeping and maintaining a summer beard is a concern for you, we have put together a guide on how to nail the challenge and keep looking dapper!

1.    Hydrate and Protect

Summer sun makes the beard hair more susceptible to damage. Your skin may be protected, but its hairy armor -not so much. Also, exposure to saltwater and chlorine strip away your moisture and remove natural oils, which is why it is super important that the hair follicles receive the required moisture and maintenance.

2.    Reduce the Length

When it comes to getting your beard summer-ready, the first step is always to trim it. Many Hollywood stylists and men's salon owners advise that you always begin shaving with a big guard. This advice makes sense because bigger guards give you more margin for error. Once you are done shortening the length of your beard, then the shorter guards can be used to give your beard a shape.

3.    Style as per profile

The shape depends on your facial structure. Although this is not necessarily summer-specific advice, it is a reminder that having a shorter, skin-close mane of hair does not mean one should not consider other factors such as head and face shape while styling a summer beard. A short beard can make your face look long or wide. You just need to know how to balance your profile.

4.    Never ignore cleanliness

No rocket science here, we know. But when it is hot outside, you must take extra care to scrub and watch your beard regularly. Sweat and accumulation of dirt will irritate your skin and also block your hair follicles. A short summer beard can be washed with beard soaps like Gentsscape's. These soaps are not only paraben-free but also gentle enough to keep the natural oils of your skin in place.

5.    Detangle that hair

One common complaint that men with beards often make during the warmer months is their facial hair gets tangled. An easy way to deal with the problem is to keep a comb handy and use some beard oil regularly. The oil will keep the hair in place in addition to softening the hair, whereas a comb will keep the hair separated.

Although facial hair in summer can be a bit of work, and you may experience itching and unruly hair, the key is to stay on track with grooming and keeping that mane clean and tidy.