How To Get Your Beard Ready for a Job Interview!

Oct 13 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

How To Get Your Beard Ready for a Job Interview!

Your beard will not help you in answering any questions but when you are trying to make an impression, every part of your appearance counts!

A popular question on social media is whether to keep the beard when going for a job interview or to shave it off. We are assuming this question arises because of the misconception that beards are ‘improper’; we plan to put an end to this misconception. 

Your beard, just like your clothes are an extension of your personality. It expresses your personal style and is a tool of self-expression. However, job interviews are serious situations and there is pressure to be the perfect candidate so you can get the job. Going with a clean-shaven look can definitely make you look more professional but if you have worked hard on growing your facial hair you need to groom it to give it the sharp suave look.

  1. What job are you getting interviewed for?

If you are applying for a chef’s position, you will find it common for the employer to be apprehensive about your beard because no matter how well you cook, no one wants to find a hair in the meal. Lucky for you, most restaurants have protocols such as wearing hair and beard caps while working. So, if you want to keep the beard, you can. Just make sure that it is tamed and short enough to fit in a beard cap.

A safe way to handle such a situation is to ask the HR before the interview their policy on beards is. Once you know how lax or stringent the policy, you can make your decision.  Also, if the company has an Instagram account, you can judge the beard situation of their employees. Instagram and Facebook will provide you solid insight into the organization’s culture.

  1. Keep everything prim and proper

Beard grooming is primary but take your appearance up a notch. Your outfit should be appropriate and properly ironed. In addition, your shoes should have a shine and your nails should be properly manicured. Smelling clean is just as important. As long as you follow basic grooming and styling rules, looking good should not be a problem.

  1. Trim the Beard

Long facial hair requires care and effort, so regular grooming is essential. Trimming your beard and keeping it short is a great way to manage your beard. You should also do away with unruly hair and trim them often so as to look presentable. 

  1. Find your Style

Whether you like a tidy short beard or prefer something longer, the key to looking maintained is to find a style that suits YOU. Assess your face shape and see what looks good. Additionally, use a beard oil and comb your beard regularly. This will ensure your beard remains in shape and is tangle-free. Frizz and damaged beard hair is the wrong look! So, if you spot any split ends, snip away and then use  beard oil or beard balm to get the smooth look.

Beards, when shaped to perfection, can make you look extremely attractive. While we understand that not all jobs are beard-friendly, grooming should be your top priority – Beard or no Beard. 

Good Luck and Stay Dapper!