How to Pull off The Ultimate Beard Fade

Jan 04 , 2021

The Gentsscape Team

How to Pull off The Ultimate Beard Fade

We cannot really recall when our obsession with Beard fade styles began. Perhaps, it happened while watching Drake's Music Videos on repeat or watching Beckham on the field. The graduation from dense hair to a close shave, if done rightly, can be absolutely sexy and as these famous men have shown us - a total power statement!

Although this style is super versatile and can suit all face shapes, let us warn you that it can be somewhat tricky to achieve. Your best bet would be to go to a barber and call it a day. However, if you are big on DIY or want to avoid going to a salon for safety reasons, you can try achieving the fade at home, given that you have the right tools on you. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you can master the technique of fading a beard.

  1. Have the right tools.

To achieve this look, make sure you have a Razor and adjustable clipper or trimmers. It would help if you also had a steady hand and lots of patience.

  1. Start clean

Always start with a clean beard. An oily beard with knots can be messy and painful; therefore, you must wash and dry your hair before the trimming process. We have an excellent range of Beard Washes that will clean your facial hair of dirt without drying out your skin. Once you have washed your beard, apply 1 to 2 drops of beard oil and brush it in place. These steps will make shaving smoother.

  1. Use the longest clipper setting, first

When you start shaving the beard, the longest clipper setting can help eliminate stray hair and is a safer way to begin. In addition, you should also start from the neckline. Sweep away from the face to blend the beard with your haircut. The trick is to be careful and steady, so you do not shave more than what is intended. Repeat this all-around your beard edges so you can rid of the excess hair.

  1. Fade the sideburns

When you move to the sideburns, change the trimmer's setting, and decrease it to get a steady transition. The golden rule is to always go from high to low, whether you are fading your neckline, cheeks, or sideburns.

  1. Trim inch by inch

Work inch by inch and fade one section into the next to ensure a gradual trimming pattern. Moving in one-inch increments until you reach the top of your sideburns will give you a seamless blend as long as you take it nice and slow.

  1. Maintain the fade

While you should never let go of hygiene and grooming, the beard fade requires even more care. Regular trimming is essential for maintaining a tapered and neat finish. Since this particular style requires a lot of shaving and trim, you may end up with irritated skin. To avoid that, keep grooming essentials such as beard oil and balm handy to keep your hair and skin moisturized. Comb your hair every day so your hair does not tangle, and natural oils can distribute evenly across the length of your face.

The beard fade is certainly a clean-cut look, so if you love beards but avoid them from fear of looking scruff, this is the style for you!. There is a wide variety of styles you can choose from, and once you get the hang of achieving a proper fade, you can experiment to your heart's content.

We hope this blogpost provided you some insight into how to go about the beard fade. Until next time, Stay dapper, and enjoy the new look with the New Year!