Ingrown Hair: Causes and Avoidance

Feb 08 , 2021

The Gentsscape Team

Ingrown Hair: Causes and Avoidance

Are ingrown hair just not the worst? Painful, uncomfortable, and visibly unpleasant looking, this pesky phenomenon is a pretty common skin problem. An ingrown hair is basically one that has been trimmed or shaved, and instead of growing upwards, it grows sideways. You will notice a raised bump on your face that looks a bit like a pimple or sometimes like a boil-like sore.

The face and neck are pretty common areas where ingrown hair can grow.  There are several variations of ingrown hair. Some are caused because dead skin cells block your pores, and some just grow back into the pore because your hair texture is curly. They are also known as 'razor' bumps and mostly disappear after a while if you can stand the discomfort.

However, sometimes, ingrown hair do not vanish and evolve into something more complicated. As a result, you could experience an infection, scarring, or darkened skills. The best way to avoid ingrown hair is to avoid shaving, but when you are trying to look decent that is not an option. That's why we've put together a definitive guide on how to deal with and prevent in grown hair.

  1. Wash your face daily and twice a day depending on your routine

Clogged pores due to dead skin cells are among the most common reasons behind ingrown hair. Therefore you must keep your face clean. We recommend washing your face with a mild cleanser every day and while applying the product, make sure that you massage the skin gently to exfoliate and open your pores. If your routine and environment exposes you to extraordinary pollution, you can increase your cleansing to twice a day.

  1. Shaving Routine

There is plenty of advice on beard forums about shaving right after you get out of the shower. Here's why this advice makes sense. It allows you to get a close shave which allows you to avoid ingrown hair. We also recommend holding a hot towel over your face before the shave so that the heat can open your pores.

  1. Keep trimmers and scissors sharp

If your tool's blade is not sharp anymore, let it go. Most men are lazy when it comes to keeping their grooming tools in order and delay ordering new components even after the current ones become dull and tug at your skin. The blunt blades combined with lack of cleanliness is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Shave in the direction of the hair

Yes, we know hair grows in different directions, and following them can be time-consuming, but shaving with the grain can do wonders for the beard.

  1. Hydrate the skin

Always apply aftershave or a moisturizer to keep your skin from becoming irritated. You can also use our beard oils that keep the skin prepped without clogging the pores. As mentioned earlier, dead skin is the number one reason that causes ingrown hair, so why not prevent the skin from getting dry in the first place?

You are more likely to find ingrown hair on your neck because there are creases in the area plus poor attention to shaving and neglect can further exacerbate the condition. If the ingrown situation gets out of hand and reaches to the point of excessive flaking, you may be suffering from seborrheic dermatitis. In that case, get a medicated cleanser that deals with the issue or consult a dermatologist.