Is Your Shaving Cream Irritating Your Skin? 3 Tips for a Smoother Shave

Jun 29 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

Is Your Shaving Cream Irritating Your Skin? 3 Tips for a Smoother Shave

When you shave your face, you're aiming for silky smooth skin, soft to a woman's touch and oh-so-inviting. But have you been coming up short in the department of smooth? Do itchy or painful red bumps plague your skin after your shave? If you have irritated, sensitive skin post-shave, you want to be sure your shaving cream isn't the culprit.

Razor Burn vs Razor Bumps

Razor burn is an uncomfortable, unsightly skin condition that can occur after shaving. Its common symptoms include redness, stinging, itchiness, swelling, rash, or a burning sensation. Contrary to razor burn, razor bumps are the result of ingrown hairs that grow back under the skin.

Your type of skin, your choice of razor, and your selection of products are all factors that contribute to whether you'll experience razor burn or bumps. Studies have shown, however, that there certain steps you can take to prevent these painful, unappealing outcomes.

Is Your Shaving Cream Irritating Your Skin? 3 Tips for a Smoother Shave

If you're like the average guy, you probably think you have to use an off-the-shelf shaving cream before breaking out your razor. But did you know that this common product could be a major cause of the irritation you're experiencing?

Big-box store shaving products often contain artificial scents and harsh chemicals like alcohol that can irritate the skin and contribute to itchiness. It is so important to use a gentle shaving cream to reduce your chances of razor burn and to give you calm, comfortable, and approachable skin.

1. Pre-Game Your Shave: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize

Does your daily shave routine involve simply throwing cold water on your face and shaving before you rush out the door? You deserve more than that! With the right knowledge and a few key products, you can create an efficient, effective routine that is sure to give you the look and feel you long for. The key to healthy, smooth skin starts long before you reach for your razor.


The first step is proper cleansing of your skin.


Your second step? Exfoliate one to three times a week. While cleaning your skin daily removes the dirt, oil, and grime of everyday irritants, a good face scrub will aid in preventing acne and blackheads, removing dead skin cells, and combating the common problems of dry, sensitive, or oily skin. 


The third step is to moisturize! Give your skin the nourishment it needs to remain hydrated throughout the day. Products with argan oil absorb quickly, don't leave an oily residue, and contain properties that heal minor wounds and minimize acne.

2. Game Day: Lather Up & Get Your Shave On

Even if your pre-game is on point, your performance on game day is what matters most. You already know the importance of a quality shaving cream, free of harsh chemicals and artificial scents, is key to preventing razor burn. Five-star-rated products like Gentsscape’s Velvet Silk Shaving Lotion can aid in that process, but your shaving tools have got to be top-notch.

Not sure you have the right tools to get the job done? A dull or dirty razor is doing you no favors and can lead to tugging and pulling of the skin as you shave, something that often results in dreaded razor bumps. As you know, facial skin is sensitive, so applying light pressure and shaving with the grain is vital to a successful shave.

If your average routine includes an old razor, you need to step up your game. If you master the use of the BB Stainless Steel Straight Razor, made with a replaceable blade and easier to use than a traditional, fixed blade, you'll get a close, clean shave without the irritation.

3. Post-Game Party

Once you've gotten that smooth, satisfying shave, be sure to rinse with cool water and apply a post-shave moisturizer. Not only will your skin thank you; the woman in your life will too!

Guys, women prefer men who take care of themselves, and what better way to show that you care about grooming and hygiene than with the ultimate shave, courtesy of your easy daily routine? Showing that you know how to take care of yourself signals that you're up for the challenge of taking care of someone special.

Begin looking and feeling your best today! Visit Gentsscape for the best grooming tools and products that give you a smooth shave and touchable skin.