Steps to Banish Beardruff for Good

Jan 13 , 2021

The Gentsscape Team

Steps to Banish Beardruff for Good

In the previous few months, here at Gentsscape, we have discussed a host of pressing issues in our various blogs - from stunted beard growth to finding the right beard style for your face. However, one critical topic that we have yet to touch upon is the dreaded Beard Dandruff, better known as beardruff.

You will be surprised how common Beard dandruff is among men, even those who are on top of their grooming game. Not only does it come with an itch, but it is also super embarrassing. I cannot even recall the number of times I have avoided wearing the color black out of fear that a shower of white ‘snowflakes’ will bless the fabric. Regardless, beardruff is more than just a hygiene issue. It signals that something is not quite right with your skin.

There can be several reasons you suffer from beardruff, the most obvious factor is that your skin is dry and dehydrated. So what? You may think. Ok, fine. You will slap some moisturizer on your face and will be rid of this icky condition, right? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds. You do not know the cause of the dryness, and you cannot treat a condition without knowing what triggers it. Remember, your beard needs just as much TLC as any other part of the body, so make sure you are not committing the following grooming mistakes.

  1. Bad washing habits

Are you washing your beard with the right product? By the right products, we mean those that are specially formulated for facial skin, created with natural ingredients.  Although this is a no brainer, it is one of the most common mistakes men tend to make. Body soaps may clean your beard, but they will strip you off your natural oils.

However, the product is not the only part of washing that you need to consider. The water temperature and washing too often may worsen your condition too. While hot showers during winter sound comforting, they may be ruining your skin and stealing the moisture from your skin and your hair. Cooler water seals the cuticles and keeps the beard protected.

As for the frequency of beard cleansing, you do not have to wash your beard every single time you shower. Twice or thrice a week is enough as long as you are not a lumberjack.

  1. Use Conditioner - Frequently

This may sound an overkill, but a conditioner can do wonders for your beard and the skin underneath it. Many bearded men swear by it, and so do we. Conditioning every time, you shower is actually a great tip to keep the beardruff at bay and your hair soft.

  1. Blow drying your beard

Blowdrying hair is super convenient, and we get the appeal - we really do! But the heat, along with the combination of high-speed air of the tool, will only aggravate your beardruff. Towel-dry your beard instead.

  1. Moisturize and Exfoliate Properly

Beard Oil does keep the skin and hair flake-free, but perhaps you are not applying the product correctly. Warm the oil in your palms and work from the bottom up. Two small pumps will cover your face and most short beards. A wooden comb will ensure that the product is distributed evenly and reaches the skin. Brushing through the hair also exfoliates the skin and detangles the knots.

  1. Consult a dermatologist.

Although dryness is the most common cause of beardruff, but if you avoid all the mistakes mentioned earlier and the condition persists, you should see a dermatologist. There is a possibility that you are suffering from a fungal infection or seborrheic dermatitis, and we DO NOT recommend a self-diagnosis in such cases. The doctor will let you know what triggers beardruff and prescribe you the treatment accordingly.