Stunted Beard Growth? Causes Explained!

Aug 24 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

Stunted Beard Growth? Causes Explained!

While some guys may overthink their beard growth despite the fact that it is absolutely normal, there are men who experience abnormally slow facial hair development and in some cases, their beard calls it quits, completely. Now you know that the first step toward solving any problem in the world is to find the cause. That is exactly how you should deal with slow beard growth too; only then will you be able to rectify the issue and be the dapper man you deserve to be!

However, before proceeding, let us use this opportunity to put a rumor to rest:

Your beard does not stop growing.

Yep! You read it right. A more accurate way of understanding your beard growth is to consider it as a circle of life. It will have its ups and downs; each hair will complete its life cycle and then a new hair will replace the old one.

To gain a better picture of how any beard life cycle works, below are the stages each hair endures:

  1. The Anagen Phase – The active growth part of the hair lifecycle. This is when the root of the hair multiplies and increases the hair shaft.
  2. The Catagen Phase- Also known as the transition stage because it signals the end of active growth and a detachment from the blood supply of the body. This phase is short and usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. The Telogen Phase – The ‘last’ stage in which the life of a hair concludes and it either falls off naturally or is weak enough to be pulled out by something as random as combing.  

Now if your facial hair is not following the path of life and has stopped growing prematurely, there can be plenty of reasons for it.

Starting with the most obvious reasons behind stunted hair growth...

Your Nutrition Levels may be lacking

If nutrition is the reason behind your slow beard growth, you are either not eating enough or your diet is inadequate in terms of some vital elements.  Pack up on the protein and add Vitamin A, B, C, and E to spur healthy facial hair growth. Befriend fruits and veggies. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water!

Your Beard Care Regime is damaging your hair

Maybe you are using a harsh comb to get rid of the tangles in your beard or perhaps you are not moisturizing enough. Whatever the reason, it is cutting short the life of your hair. This fact cannot be impressed more than it already has been: Use tools and products which are made for facial skin. Investing in high-quality beard care essentials will go a long way in stimulating your hair growth. No lies!

Your beard has reached its Terminal Length

If you thought you would be the Rapunzel of beards, you should know that there is a level dubbed terminal length when it comes to hair. Your terminal length will be anywhere from 12 to 36 inches depending on your hair type and genetics. Also, it will differ according to the area from which the hair is growing.

While it is possible that the terminal length of hair comes before its time, it is also possible that terminal level can also be reached because the hair is probably weak, brittle, and void of nutrition. If you have taken every step to ensure an enviable beard and you are still not satisfied with the length and growth of your beard hair, you may be suffering from an underlying health condition which is not something you should take lightly. Get hold of a dermatologist and let them diagnose the problem.

Some last words

Although all information shared in this article is a basic walkthrough of how hair growth works, a bit of sound advice should also be considered:  take it case by case. There are some aspects of hair growth that are genetic and cannot be controlled. Regardless, a lot of factors are in YOUR hands that can affect your beard situation. Following ground rules is a given but understanding your facial hair is instrumental in helping you decide how you should take care of it. Check out the products at, especially formulated for all kinds of beards!!