The Differences Between Male and Female Skin

May 21 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

The Differences Between Male and Female Skin

If you think that men's and women's skin is the same, think again. Men's skin comes with its own set of challenges, and guys need specifically formulated natural skin care products that address these fundamental differences and offer an easy, effective skin care routine. You know that you feel your best when your skin is looking its best, so stop using products that aren't worth their salt!

The Differences Between Male and Female Skin 

Men tend to have much oilier, thicker skin than women, with more sebaceous glands and collagen than female skin. It ages slower because of the collagen, but when the wrinkles hit, they hit hard and deep. Men can also suffer from acne or other oil-related issues more often than women. Male skin tends to have larger pores, which can trap dirt and pollution and make the skin irritated or unhealthy looking.

The biggest difference between male and female skin on the face is the fact that most men routinely shave their faces. Shaving can lead to plenty of irritation and skin rashes. It is important for men to care for their skin before and after shaving to avoid unsightly side-effects, like razor burn, bumps, inflamed areas, and worsened acne.

The Importance of Unique Men's Grooming Products

Since male skin is not the same as female skin, men should use different grooming products to keep their faces fresh and looking their best. Since shaving is one of the biggest offenders of skin, it's important to use a fantastic moisturizer that can tame upset skin and tighten up the pores. 

Do not use body soap on your face. Instead, invest in a good face wash that guarantees an excellent clean. It is important to wash, tone, and moisturize your face to avoid oil buildup and keep your skin looking smooth and healthy. 

Ignoring Your Skin Can Have Dire Consequences

Men - ignore your skin at your own peril! If you neglect your skin for long enough, you will have to deal with sunspots, deep wrinkles, dry patches, or adult acne. Wear sunscreen, moisturize regularly and set up a skincare regimen that works for your lifestyle. Even if you do not notice the difference now, you will be thankful that you started caring for your skin when all your friends look shriveled and you look a decade younger! Proper skin care can really do wonders for your appearance and enhance your life in long term ways.