What All Men Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Sep 22 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

What All Men Should Know About Prostate Cancer

When celebrity chef, Ken Hom, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer it came as a shock to him.  Indeed, he described the moment he heard the news as ‘one of the worst moments of his life’. Ken, who is a prolific chef in the UK, happens to have an active lifestyle which is why he found it extremely difficult to accept the diagnosis.  

It is scary and overwhelming, especially when you least expect the diagnosis and are then faced with not only accepting this dreadful fact but also thinking ahead in terms of treatment.  The problem with prostate cancer is that it is asymptomatic in its early stages; therefore, unsuspecting men may often find out late that they have it and if the cancer has spread to other organs it can be impossible to control it.

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancers among men and is the second leading cause of cancer death among men. Although older men, especially those who are over 60 are more at risk, there have been many cases in which men as young as 45 have been diagnosed with this deadly disease.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and as an advocate for this cause, Gentsscape has put together a list of pointers that you should know. Remember! Early detection is key to surviving most cancer and illnesses.

1.    Age and Race Increase Your Risk of Getting Prostate Cancer

Although any man can be diagnosed with prostate cancer, some of them are more at risk, such as older men and those of African American descent.  The disease also seems to be genetic, so if someone in the family has had prostate cancer, other men in the family are at a higher risk. In fact, familial prostate cancer constitutes 20% of all prostate cancers.  Thus, if you happen to fall in the high-risk category, you should start getting screened by age 40.

2.    There are No Definitive Symptoms

Unfortunately, Prostate Cancer is a relatively slow-growing cancer and oftentimes, there are no tell-tale signs that you have it unless you get tested regularly. Symptoms appear at later stages and can range from having difficulty urinating to back pain. You should also keep in mind that having symptoms does mean that Prostate Cancer is the cause. There are many other conditions which can cause similar problems so it is best to visit your doctor and get checked regularly.

3.    Determining the Cancer’s Aggressiveness

Most Prostate Cancer shows signs of slow-growth and can be non-aggressive but quite a few cases have been described as aggressive, and quick to grow. To check the intensity and stage of your cancer, a DRE, PSA Testing, and Gleason score can give you a fair idea.  Gleason Score is one of the most commonly used methods to determine Prostate Cancer’s aggressiveness. If your Gleason score is 6, the cancer is low-grade. A score of 7 is medium-stage cancer and anything above is high-grade and dangerous.

PSA Blood Test, on the other hand, checks the level of prostate-specific antigen present in your blood. The test, although not conclusive, can indicate that you may have prostate cancer. However, please note that having a higher amount of PSA can also be present because of a urinary tract infection or an enlarged prostate but it is a good screening measure.

The average age of prostate cancer diagnosis is 66 years and the cause the death among men (in the US) is approx. 33,330, every year!

Many men think that going to the gym and eating well is all they need to stay healthy. The reluctance of visiting to a doctor for annual checkups is one of the reasons many men find out late they have cancer. Avoiding visiting the doctor is not a sound strategy - if anything, an early diagnosis can save your life.

 We, here at Gentsscape, care about men’s health. This is why we want to spur a conversation, which albeit difficult, is important to have. Our aim is to spread awareness and help support those who have cancer and spread knowledge so men can seek treatment. This is why we also donate $1 of every purchase made off our website to this important cause.

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