What is a Designer Stubble?

Feb 23 , 2021

The Gentsscape Team

What is a Designer Stubble?

The sexy beard style that is the talk of the town!!

During most of the 20th century, clean-shaven men were considered the epitome of handsomeness. There were not many many men in the media who supported beards, or even a stubble. Indeed, shows in the 1960s ,such as popular TV series Mad Men, had actors who were clean-shaven, square-jawed men. There was even a time when having a stubble was considered a sign of laissez-faireness and lousy hygiene.

Then came along George Michael, who made “the stubble” acceptable; infact, his style completely revolutionized the way people regarded the stubble. This style of beard that is tapered and millimeter-perfect is what is termed  a 'Designer Stubble'. The popularity of this specific style continued to rise in Hollywood, and like everything else the film industry embraces, this beard fashion had a trickle-down effect, and more and more men started embracing it.

The great aspect of a designer stubble is that it is heavy enough to highlight the cheekbones if your face is angular or good enough to hide a weak chin. Another advantage is that it is instrumental in hiding scarring and skin blemishes. One disadvantage of sporting this look is that it requires regular maintenance. So, remember if you are planning to embrace this mien you cannot let the beard hair get for too long.

So, if you want to achieve this slightly rugged yet sexy look, you should follow the following steps:

  1. To start: get yourself a clipper for trimming. Ideally, you should select the 0.5m on the clipper to trim and use it against your facial hair's growth.
  2. Next: let your facial hair grow at least 3cm.
  3. While trimming: start from the neckline by creating a line underneath your chin and cleaning the neck under it. Then trim the area under your cheekbones starting from the sideburns to beginning of the mustache and clean the area below the mouth.
  4. When you start trimming, make sure to start with the longest setting in order to control how much you want to shave.
  5. The edges of the stubble should always be trimmed and well- defined. Clean lines is the key to this style!

And Voila! You have Designer Stubble!!

A designer stubble encompasses perfect coverage; however, there may be some men who may struggle to attain perfect coverage. If your hair growth is patchy, work on boosting hair development through moisturization and keeping the hair clean. You can further spur hair growth through exfoliation.

 REMEMBER: The designer stubble is not the same as a five-o-clock shadow because  it is more groomed and close-shaved.

We hope this blogpost will guide you on how to keep and maintain a designer stubble. If done correctly, a designer stubble can really help to redistribute your face proportions. You just need to get the hang of style and experiment with the maintenance as per your face shape