Why the Right Aftershave Can Drive Your Girl Crazy

Jul 13 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

Why the Right Aftershave Can Drive Your Girl Crazy

We've all watched those scenes in movies and television where the lead actor gives himself a clean shave, splashes on some tonic, winces at the sting, and then goes off to save the day and win the heart of his lady love. Many of us used those scenes as a point of reference when we started our own shaving routines - but would it surprise you to learn that many of those scenes are simply wrong? The right aftershave isn't anything like this.

Let's talk about your shaving habits. Specifically, let's talk about the products you use after you shave and why knowing the right way to use these products can drive your girl crazy. Whether it's a tonic, balm, or lotion, today's after-shaving products are all formulated to give you the best combination of long-term skincare and head-spinning scents. Here are the top three reasons why the right products,  can have an impact on your girl:

1. Attractive Scents Equal an Attractive Partner

Several studies in evolutionary psychology have determined that both men and women are able to make snap-second judgments about the health of a potential partner based on subconscious visual and scent cues. This is because there are physiological signs that indicate whether a partner is healthy - and biologically ready - to produce the next generation.

For men, we subconsciously recognize a partner as attractive based on the fullness and flush of her lips and the breadth of her hips, which both indicate a woman's overall fertility. For women, the health of a man's skin and hair, along with his natural body odor, are indicators of virility. Of course, in our modern world, we can have a helping hand to make sure we are healthy and smell nice, but these subconscious cues are still powerful tools to please and attract your partner.

2. Women Are Sensitive to Male Pheromones

You can think of pheromones as external hormones that help attract potential partners to you. In fact, you've probably experienced a time where a woman was incredibly visually attractive to you, but your "chemistry" simply fell flat. You've maybe experienced the opposite too, which is when you seem to have instant "chemistry" and sexual attraction to a perfect stranger. Both experiences are likely a product of pheromones.

Women, in particular, are sensitive to male pheromones, which can generally be scented from axillary sweat or sweat from physical activity. Several studies indicate that women are sensitive enough to pheromones and scent that it can affect their mood and sexual interest. The goal of after shaving products is to compliment your natural scent to boost the power of your pheromones.

3. Fragrance Can Channel Desire

Aside from your natural scent, did you know there are certain fragrances that are keyed to sexual and romantic interest? We're talking about aphrodisiac scents, such as black pepper, ginger, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, amber, and bergamot among dozens more. Aphrodisiac scents are those that help arouse sexual and romantic interest in your partner by specifically playing to the fragrances that are associated with the sexual instinct. Many aftershave products include aphrodisiac scents to incite desire.

What Are Ideal Aftershave Habits?

While the right scent might drive your girl crazy, it's just as important to know how to use aftershave products correctly - and there is a correct way. Keep these three tips in mind when you use these products to get the most out of every application.

1. Use After Shaving and Washing

The best time to use these products is immediately after shaving and washing your face. It's important not to skip the washing step, as shaving removes both hair and dead skin cells from your skin and you don't want your product trapping any bacteria all day.

2. Use in Moderation

You don't need a lot of product to make an impact. In fact, a subtle scent is more powerful than a loud one. A dime-sized amount spread evenly across your face and neck is enough to keep your skin supple and your scent attractive throughout the day.

3. Use Daily

It's important to use these products daily to maintain the health and smoothness of your skin. Even if you haven't shaved, you can get the benefits out of the skin-loving nutrients that are active in your favorite product.