A Basic Guide on How to pick a Beard Style

Nov 09 , 2020

The Gentsscape Team

A Basic Guide on How to pick a Beard Style

Once you have nailed the basics to beard grooming and figured out what products work for you, it is time to move onto the next big challenge: Choosing the right beard style for your face. When searching for a style to don, there are a number of factors that should be taken into account before deciding on a final choice. Style preference, despite the fact that it is a crucial aspect, is the last step in the decision chain.

We have rounded up some basic tips on how to go about choosing a Beard Style for yourself so you know exactly where to start.

  1. Hair Nature and Growth Pattern

Hair nature is an essential aspect of picking a Beard Style. No two beards are the same and we all have different growth patterns. This growth pattern determines what options you have in terms of beard styling. Some men have a patchy beard requiring a ton of effort to look decent, while others are blessed with good density hair. In other words, style options are determined by the pattern of your hair growth.

  1. Lifestyle and Grooming Routine

Lifestyle is another important factor that is a deciding factor in terms of style. If you are busy and do not have the time to put in the requisite effort, it is best to opt for a low maintenance beard. Some beard styles require constant trimming in order for it to be in the desired shape.

Grooming the beard is part of keeping the beard style intact. If you work outdoors, your beard will get dirty very easily. A dirty beard is a breeding ground for germs and if the beard hair is not washed regularly with the right wash, the skin under the hair will result in frequent breakouts, itching, beardruff, and smell awful. Unless you can keep your beard immaculate and dirt-free, keep the beard short and basic.

  1. Face Shape

Picking a beard that suits your face shape will really help you look your best. If you have an oval shaped face, you are in luck because you have a gazillion of styles to choose from; in fact, almost every style will look great and you can pick one that falls within your style preference.

If you have an oval face, make sure that whatever style you pick, it does not add any more inches to the length of your face. To make the face more symmetrical, the beard should be fuller and short. If you are thinking of keeping a goatee, you should drop the idea since it will add length to your face. You should have more hair on the sides and a limited length below the chin.

If you have a square face, your beard style should be aimed at softening the angles of your jawline. Longer beards make square faces look balanced. Similarly, if your chin is angular as compared to the sides of the face, elongated styles should be avoided at all costs. Five ‘o clock shadow stubble is a good option. The Olde English Beard, a style that covers your face and highlights your cheekbones, is our absolute favorite for those who have triangle-shaped faces.